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Text Tasting & Book Barbecue Classroom Transformation (RL & RI)

Text Tasting & Book Barbecue Classroom Transformation (RL & RI)

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Why You'll Love It!

Text Tasting & Book Barbecue Classroom Transformation (RL & RI)

Need an engaging way to teach your students to love reading and to try to read books that they normally wouldn’t choose? Host a class text tasting or Book BBQ. Discuss choosing a “Just Right Book”, review genres, have your students take a reading inventory, write a book recommendation and take a survey at the end to win a FREE book.


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Welcome to Fair Winds Teaching! I hope you enjoy this product, if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!


☞ Two different options

º Text Tasting

º Book Barbecue

☞ Black and white option

º Sign

º Placemats (3 options)

º Invites

º Menu

º Questions

º I Can... statements

º Genre posters

º Table Numbers

º EL Vocabulary

Amazing resource! We had so much fun learning about new books!

Loved doing a book tasting to get the students excited about BOOKS! This was a fun way to do it!

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