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Blurt Chart - Classroom Management System

Blurt Chart - Classroom Management System

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Why You'll Love It!

Use this weekly Blurt chart will help keep track of data of when students call out during instruction time. I allow my students to earn an extra bonus tickets (bucks) if they don't have any blurts for the week. I do not take away bucks they have already earned, only give them opportunities to earn more. This is also great data to show parents when having a discussion about behaviors in the classroom. I do not put students names on the chart (so it is private) and simply having the chart on my lap when I teach is a non verbal reminder to raise our hand before we speak.


Welcome to Fair Winds Teaching! I hope you enjoy this product, if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!



☞ Blank chart

☞ Chart with students notes

☞ 10 and 5 blurt option

☞ Class Dojo Points

☞ Gold Coins

☞ Tickets

☞ Blank chart for Tally's or "x"

☞ Will add more ideas if you send them to me

This resource has been so helpful in my class. We have been using it for two weeks now and I saw blurting diminish immediately! I love that there are different options to fit every classroom reward system.

When all else failed with my very chatty class, I pulled this out. It really helped students realize how much they were blurting.

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