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Blended Learning Classroom Job Necklaces

Blended Learning Classroom Job Necklaces

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Why You'll Love It!

Building student agency in your classroom is extremely important to build independent learners and give back some of the responsibility to the class. Using classroom jobs is one way to allow for you to work independently with a small groups while the class still functions and completes their work.


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☞ Hey Siri/Hey Google/Alexa

º This student is in charge of answering questions that have to do with just about everything; classroom directions, where to put something, where materials are located, etc.

☞ Troubleshooter

º This student is the technology guru of the classroom; the one that can help with Internet issues, and websites or computers that aren’t working.

☞ Time Keeper

º This student will help keep us on track. They set the timer, change the board in between rotations and watch the time for if we run over.

☞ Data Master

º This student is in charge of helping students maintain their data (score) records when they complete an assignment. I use this to help the student graph their Blended Learning rotations (Freckle, Study Island, MobyMax & etc.) scores.

☞ Clean up Crew

º These students help straighten up the room in between rotations

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This is a great resources to use to build independent learners.

Great resource. I love that they are necklaces the students can wear. This makes it easy for students to located the helper they need.

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